5 Children's Books To Read This Year End
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5 Children’s Books To Read This Year End

Hello everyone! Today I am sharing reviews of 5 Children’s Books I read with my kid in in November and December that I recommend to get and read with your kids this year end.

5 Children's Books To Read This Year End

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1. How the Bamboo Got Its Bounty by Sudha Murty

How the Bamboo got its Bounty

How the Bamboo Got Its Bounty by Sudha Murty

Publication Date : November 27, 2023

Publisher : Puffin

Genre : Children’s Fiction

Age : 5+

Pages : 44

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Disclaimer – I received a review copy from the publisher.


From human birth to death, our Bamboo finds one way or another to be useful to a common person. It is truly the unsung and the forgotten.’

In a lush, green forest, a shy, unassuming tree is presented with a reward by the forest queen. This makes
all the forest inhabitants curious . . .

India’s favourite storyteller brings to us the story of the humble bamboo that endures and selflessly gives.
A charming ode to our bountiful forests and trees, their resilience and the abundant gifts they bestow upon us, this gorgeous chapter book is the ideal introduction to the world of Sudha Murty.


I wanted to get Sudha Murty books for my kid for some time now and I was glad I got the opportunity to read How the Bamboo Got Its Bounty. After reading it, I could see why everyone loves the author so much.

I loved the way the book started with Mr Wind announcing the arrival of The Forest Queen after a long time and requesting all inhabitants to greet and honor her which lands all trees in the forest in discussion and argument over who is the best tree and gets the honor of greeting the forest queen. When The Forest Queen arrives, to everyone’s shock she declares the bamboo tree the best tree and rewards it.

This is an informative book that tells kids about various trees in India and how useful they are not just to birds and other living things but also to humans. I loved how those facts were portrayed, especially the facts about the Bambook tree near the end of the book.

There is an important message of how even the simplest thing can be most useful and valuable and one should not undermine anything and anyone based on their appearance.

Overall, How the Bamboo Got Its Bounty is an engaging, beautifully illustrated, lovely, and humble story of the bamboo tree that all kids would love to read.

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2. Animals in the House by Ruskin Bond

Animals in the House

Animals in the House by Ruskin Bond

Publication Date : October 30, 2023

Publisher : Puffin 

Genre : Children’s Ficiton

Age :7+

Pages : 48

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Disclaimer – I received a review copy from the publisher.


‘Grandfather and I saw eye to eye on the matter of pets, and whenever Grandmother decided it was time to get rid of a tame white rat or a squirrel, I would conceal them in a hole in the jackfruit tree.’

Instead of having brothers and sisters to grow up with in India, young Ruskin had several odd companions, including a monkey, a tortoise, a python and a Great Indian Hornbill. His grandfather was responsible for all this wildlife, and their home in Dehra became a centre of action and laughter as a variety of creatures were brought home―the furry, feathered, fierce and friendly―all under one roof.

Bursting with delightful illustrations, this chapter book features endearing characters and hilarious episodes, making it a perfect introduction to the wonderful world of Ruskin Bond!


Animals in the House is an entertaining and hilarious story that takes us back to author’s childhood when he used to live with his grandparents and grew up in a house full of all sorts of animals as his grandfather loved to adopt all kinds of animals.

It was fun to read how the grandfather bought Toto- the monkey from Tongaman, a python from Snake Charmer, and he even bought frogs! The animals’ antics and situation they put the household in were hilarious. It was fun to read arguments between his grandparents regarding whether to keep the animal in the house or not as his grandmother didn’t share the same obsession and only accepted them reluctantly (especially the python). But it’s not just animals who were the author’s friends, he met a buffalo keeper who also shared their love for animals.

There aren’t many messages in the story except one should be gentle with animals and treat them well. There are more fun and hilarious incidents with animals but in the heart of it all author tells about his connection with nature and animals and also about the simplicity of friendship through the bond with the buffalo keeper.

Overall, Animals in the House is fun, lovely, and heartwarming tale of the author’s childhood and his love and connection to animals that will make not just children but also adults laugh.

Goodreads | Amazon.in | Amazon.com | Amazon.co.uk

3. Greek Gods, Monsters and Heroes by Devdutt Pattanaik

Greek Gods, Monsters and Heroes

Greek Gods, Monsters and Heroes by Devdutt Pattanaik

Publication Date : October 30, 2023

Publisher : Puffin

Read Date : November 28, 2023

Genre : Children’s Book / Mythology

Age : 9+

Pages : 91

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Disclaimer – I received a review copy from the publisher.


An all-in-one storybook, picture book and colouring book from India’s most-loved mythologist.Devdutt Pattanaik introduces popular characters from Greek mythology to a new generation of readers-with a masala twist. Greek Gods, Monsters and Heroes is perfect as a read-aloud to acquaint young readers with the fantastic ancient Greek tales of valour, beauty and wonder.Curated with fascinating bite-sized introductions-to well-known gods like Zeus and Poseidon, heroes like Heracles and Bellerophon, and monsters like Cyclops and Minotaur-it features over forty playful artworks of Greeks in Indian clothing along with dedicated colouring pages.One-of-a-kind, this book is a must-have for every curious mythology enthusiast and budding artist!


Greek Gods, Monsters and Heroes is a mythology book for young readers that introduces them to Gods, Monsters and Heroes in Greek mythology very briefly and compares them to Gods, Monsters and Heroes of Indian mythology.

As this is for Indian young readers and they are more familiar with Indian mythology all Greek mythical illustrations from look to attire are Indian. While I don’t it was necessary but it sure makes the introduction fun.

I loved how the vast complex Greek Mythology was made engaging, easy, and fun for kids. What makes it even more fun is colorful artwork on one side and drawings on the other side for kids to color.

Overall, Greek Gods, Monsters and Heroes is fun and informative mythology book that gives the most basic knowledge about Greek Mythology to young readers who love to read and color.

Goodreads | Amazon.in | Amazon.com

4. The Chhau Champ by Vibha Batra

The Chhau Champ

The Chhau Champ by Vibha Batra

Publication Date : April 4, 2024

Publisher : Duckbill

Read Date : December 18, 2023

Genre : Children’s fiction

Age : 7+

Pages : 80

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Disclaimer – I received a review copy from the publisher.


Shubha wants to learn Chhau. But her father wants to only teach her brother Shayon. How will Shubha persuade him that she too deserves a chance?


The Chhau Champ is a lovely book that follows Shubha who wants to learn Chhau dance, a classical dance with martial art dance in West Bengal from her father who is master of Chhau dance but wouldn’t teach her as she is a girl and think it’s art for men.

This is the story that every girl and woman can relate to who has been told they cannot do what they love or pursue their passion or are told certain professions are made for men. Of course, time has changed but I still see old-school grandparents and even parents who still don’t believe in equality and follow the men-women differences.

There are beautiful illustrations and strong messages of following dreams, not forcing children into something they don’t want to do, misogynist society, Indian culture, and passion and determination all told through an engaging plot.

I loved Shubha’s confidence and determination. It was amazing to see her taking the opportunity to learn what she loved and the way she saved her father’s reputation in the end. Her babbling and bickering with her brother and friends made the plot more entertaining.

Overall, The Chhau Champ is engaging and entertaining children’s fiction with a strong message about passion and determination and breaking the gender gap.

Goodreads | Amazon.in | Amazon.com | Amazon.co.uk

5. Ellie, The Tiny Little Chick by Avery Smart

Ellie, The Tiny Little Chick

Ellie, The Tiny Little Chick by Avery Smart

Publication Date : November 16, 2023

Read Date : December 18

Genre : Children’s Fiction

Age : 3+

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Disclaimer – Many thanks to Casey for the review opportunity.
Available on KU.


Ellie is a little chick who is always having a hard time going to sleep. She has many things she wants to do tomorrow. But her mom always knows what to say at the right time. As an upcoming children’s book author, Avery Smart has penned a story tailored for parents to engage with little ones during precious golden hours. Whether it’s bedtime, breakfast, or dinner, this tale is a delightful reminder for everyone to focus on nurturing good manners through the magic of storytelling.


Ellie, The Tiny Little Chick is fun bedtime story for toddlers. Ellie, the little chick is super active and doesn’t like to go to bed, she would rather do so many things, playing sports, cooking for her mommy, helping friends, and many more things than do nothing and just sleep but soon she gets tired and realizes her mother is right and sleeping is not that bad.

Me and my kid read this as soon as I downloaded it on Kindle. We read this in record time. It’s a pretty easy book to read for my kid but she enjoyed illustrations of little chicks and the different jobs she wanted to do. She learned jobs and occupations last year in Nursery so that was also easy for her to follow but I can see how this will be an amazing book for toddlers of age 3 or more. The book also opens the discussion of the importance of sleep especially when the kid is hyperactive like mine.

Overall, Ellie, The Tiny Little Chick is a cute and lovely bedtime story for 3+ kids.

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