Dhara's Revolution by Varsha Seshan
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Dhara’s Revolution is a delightful book for book for 8 year old that teaches essential skills

Dhara’s Revolution is a beautifully narrated, delightful and lovely children’s book for 8 year old that teaches essential skills.

book for 8 year old

Dhara’s Revolution by Varsha Seshan

Publication Date : August 28, 2023

Publisher : Puffin

Read Date : September 14, 2023

Genre : Children’s book

Age : 8+

Pages : 91

Rating: 5 out of 5.


Sarvaloka Public School calls children ‘future citizens’ but makes every decision without ever talking to the students. Nine-year-old Dhara is determined to change that. She sparks a revolution, and gets the whole school to vote for the very first time. However, caught in the storm of elections, Dhara loses sight of what is really important to her.

Can she find her way back to what truly matters before everything spirals out of control?

Disclaimer – Many thanks to publisher for review copy.


delightful and lovely book for 8 year old

Dhara’s Revolution is lovely and inspiring children’s book that revolves around two best friends turn into rivals when Dhara has a revolutionary idea about new changes in school leading to the first ever school election for fourth graders.

Writing is easy and fun to read for kids. Few illustrated drawings make it even more interesting. The plot is amazing with many messages, delightful chapter titles, and well-written character development.

Both Dhara and Carol were lovely. Dhara is thrilled with her new revolutionary idea about having a say in what the school does with the old hall. She wants to convert it into a farm but Carol wants a library which makes two best friends head on different path and work against each other. Dhara wants to do it all by herself as it’s her idea, she doesn’t want to include Carol in any discussion even though Carol tries many times to tell her it doesn’t have to affect their friendship.

Her insecurity and competing spirit are genuine. She worries about her friendship but it’s overshadowed by her drive to win the election. She finds it hard to convince older kids in her team and her reaction to how her team ignores her ideas is genuine.

I loved how Carol helped her even after the way Dhara ignored her which could have broken their friendship. She is kind, and compassionate, and didn’t let their friendship break. It was lovely how their friendship shines throughout the book, the way Dhara realized her mistake and understood the teamwork.

In today’s competitive world kids easily learn to stand against each other and I have seen even parents instill the competitiveness by comparing kids or pushing them. It causes insecurity and toxicity in friendship Through Dhara and Carol’s story, Dhara’s Revolution gives an amazing message of what is healthy and friendly competition and how one can achieve so much when we work with each other rather than against each other.

It also teaches kids essential skills like communication, problem-solving, and collaboration. I also loved how the sftory highlighted the election. Kids at this age wouldn’t know the complexity of election and how it works in real world but author explained the whole proces- making team, campaigning, posters, and voting- in simple and easy manner keeping the age of kids in mind.

Overall, Dhara’s Revolution is a beautifully narrated, delightful, and lovely book for 8 year old.

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