An Authoress and a Viscount by Ann Hawthorne
Review,  Historical Fiction

An Authoress and a Viscount by Ann Hawthorne – Refreshing Regency Romance

An Authoress and a Viscount is entertaining, well-written, and refreshing Regency Romance with many Regency details and amazing characters.

Refreshing Regency Romance

An Authoress and a Viscount by Ann Hawthorne

Publication Date : May 4, 2023

Publisher : Ann Hawthorne (Self-published)

Read Date : June 21, 2023

Genre : Historical Romance

Pages : 142

Rating: 4 out of 5.


A heroine eager for an escape. A hero eager for a diversion. A court where no one can escape the prying eyes…

Lavinia Dudley, a young novelist catapulted into fame, has been offered a great honor – to attend Queen Charlotte. However, her new duties and the sharp-toothed social circuit drain her. Moreover, she is now at the mercy of haughty ladies who will never let her forget she is merely a music teacher’s daughter.

Hugh, Lord Granville, has been offered a great opportunity – to become an equerry to the King and remedy his late father’s disgrace. However, the new position tears him away from his beloved home and the life he knew, and leaves him to find escape in sensual diversions.

A royal trip to Cheltenham will throw them together. But when the scheme they concoct takes them too far, will love be enough to save them?


Well-written Refreshing Regency Romance

An Authoress and a Viscount is short well-written regency romance that revolves around Lavinia, an authoress who is now serving Queen Charlotte and a rake viscount, Hugh Granville who recently become an equerry to the King but his family’s past with court hasn’t been pleasant. Lavinia wants to escape from the court and Hugh offers her help but he has his own agenda.

It was interesting to see if Lavinia can trust Hugh with his impression and at the same time not fall for him and what happened to Hugh’s father and what he would gain in helping Lavinia. The author packed lots of things in just few pages – fashion, forms of dances, court life and drama, scheming and mystery, scandal, banter, romance, as well as character growth.

I loved both Lavinia and Hugh. Lavinia is smart, prude, prim, and proper who follows the rules Queen has set for her ladies in waiting but she is miserable in court. She lived free and independent life but accepting the queen’s offer of being her dresser not just takes away her freedom but also impacts her writing and it’s clear to see how that is killing her inside. I don’t exactly get what pushed her to accept Hugh’s help but once she does her character becomes even more interesting. Her dilemma and feelings toward Hugh and her development are perfectly written.

Hugh is definitely my favorite. I love bad boys who aren’t really bad. His father’s story and what the court did to his father is sad. I understand he wanted a little revenge. I loved how being with Lavinia changed not just him but also his intentions. It was heartwarming to see him stepping in to help Lavinia every time he saw her in trouble. What he did at the end made me admire him even more.

Romance is clean and slow burn. I enjoyed the chemistry, the push and pull between Lavinia and Hugh. Their banter and remarks are fun.

I was anticipating what happened in climax but arguments between characters, confession of love, and how the dispute was settled and Hugh decision at the end made it even more interesting. The end is lovely happily ever after. And the way Lavinia finally stood up to first keeper of robes was amazing.

Overall, An Authoress and a Viscount is refreshing, entertaining, and well-written Regency Romance with many Regency details and amazing characters. I’m sure going to read the next books in the series.

I recommend this if you like,
Regency Romance
opposite attracts
Author and reader
Royal Court life and drama
Clean romance with little spice

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