Chuckle Merry Spin : Us in the U.S. by Khyrunnisa A.
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Chuckle Merry Spin: Us in the U.S. by Khyrunnisa A. – witty travelogue

Chuckle Merry Spin: Us in the U.S. is entertaining, hilarious, and witty travelogue that includes both tourist and non-tourist locations.

witty travelogue

Chuckle Merry Spin: Us in the U.S. by Khyrunnisa A.

Publication Date : September 2022

Publisher : Westland Books

Read Date : October 17, 2022

Genre : Nonfiction / Travelogue

Pages : 256

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Tea for this book : Indian Masala Chai + Saffron Tea

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When Khyrunnisa and her husband, VK, decide to travel to the U.S. for their daughter-in-law’s graduation ceremony, they enthusiastically throw themselves into the preparations. Very much at home in their beloved Thiruvananthapuram, the duo has never before travelled abroad. Visas procured and warm clothes packed, they set forth. And what an adventure it turns out to be—full of peculiar restaurant rules, tipping norms, confusing subway stations, interesting places and entertaining conversations.

In this relatable and giggle-inducing travelogue, Khyrunnisa returns to doing what she does best—finding humour in everyday life. We chuckle along and shake our heads in recognition, as we accompany her from one destination to another. Keenly observed and hilariously narrated, Chuckle Merry Spin is suffused with the joy of adventure and the warmth of friends and family. A book for all times.


hilarious, and witty travelogue

Chuckle Merry Spin: Us in the U.S. is an entertaining travelogue that accounts author’s eventful travel to the U.S. that include getting visa, packing bags to landing in Chicago, her peregrination from the East coast to the West coast and finding her way back spanning forty days sojourn in the country.

Writing is witty, funny, and gripping filled with puns. I loved the way author narrated her experience that not only gives the details of their travel, their experience, and perspective of the visited places but also familiarises readers with the persona of her and her family that often give it a personal touch making it read like a fiction.

I loved the beginning and first part of the book most. It was lovely to read how her daughter-in-law’s graduation and her insistence they should attend it, made author and her husband- two Luddite, English professors, who never traveled outside India, were only happy to read about other countries and cultures in books- apply for passports and visa and pack their bags.

Their itinerary is really long which they actually didn’t make but their son and daughter-in-law and their hosts in different states made it for them which helped them to visit not only all the famous places but also places that only locals know about making them take in what they love about the stats they live in. They visited from the scenic beauty of the countryside, hiking trails, lakes, and parks to libraries, museums, university campuses, skyscrapers, and of course Indian restaurants through buses, subways, cars, and planes.

Their excitement, awe, surprise, admiration and respect are reflected through words. It was amazing how they met all the nice, kind, and welcoming people and chatty drivers making their sojourn in the country very pleasant and kind of uneventful. There are some hiccups- stomach upset, traffic jams, storm, second-rate hotel- but author finds humor in it and makes it an adventurous experience.

I loved all the details about the places which aren’t lengthy or boring but included small facts, history, and lots of observations and experiences of the author. There often is an entertaining and relatable comparison with the native country which I loved to read. As the author’s travel was a year before COVID, we sure see the difference in experience and comparison of pre and post-COVID time and its effects on the places she visited.

Overall, Chuckle Merry Spin: Us in the U.S is hilarious, entertaining, and witty travelogue with amazing perspectives and tips for novices, that made me pack my bags and visit the U.S. through my cozy armchair.

I highly recommend this if you like,
Travelogue with personal touch
Less information/details and more about experience
Doesn’t feel like non-fiction
Witty perspective
Hilarious experience
Travel through armchair feel
Includes tourist and non-tourist locations

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