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Literary Embroidery project #WeeklyWrapUp

Hello Readers! I hope you all are well. I wasn’t writing this weekly wrap up posts regularly this month as I couldn’t read much. I read one book a week this whole month, nothing much was happening and there is always so much to do. I felt it hard to keep up with things this month and on top of everything there is my kid’s ongoing therapy, social get-togethers, #15DaysReelsChallenge I’m participating in, and many other things… and so I didn’t see a point to share the life or reading updates. Last week in way was the same, I read only one book but I still wanted to share the reading update and also my new Literary Embroidery Project I started last week.

Now that our house possession dates are just one year away, I wanted to have some literary frames in the study room. Initially, I thought I’ll buy frames online or on Amazon but then I came across literary embroidery frames on Pinterest and as I learned embroidery from my mom (around 15 yrs ago) I thought why not make my own than buy online. I’m saving the ideas on Pinterest board. I spent plenty time on Pinterest in weekends seeing those tutorial videos for Alphabet stitches. It’s super fun and definitely cheaper than those Etsy prices.

It’s been ages I have done embroidery so to brush up my skills, I’m starting with the bookmarks, trying different stitches to see which looks better. Here is pic of a little bit of embroidery I did this last weekend. It’s not finished yet, I’ll decorate it with flowers and french knots later this weekend. Hopefully, it looks better than this when I’m done.

literary embroidery project

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Last week I read Redemptor. I wasn’t planning to read it this month but after finishing Raybearer, Me and Toni couldn’t wait for another month to read this. Both books in Raybearer duology are mind-blowing. Redemptor is a brilliant sequel and conclusion. I so much loved the world, all the characters and there are so many twist and turns. When Me and Toni finished Six of Crows, we thought we need a break from fantasy as none can come closer to that perfect book and once again we felt the same with this duology. It’s simply perfection.

I just started Some of It Was Real by Nan Fischer. It’s about Sylvie Young, a psychic medium who help people get over the loss and also by predicting future or things happening and now she got a contract for TV show but Thomas is set on exposing her as a conniving fraud in his last chance article and cement his career path once more. I can’t wait to see what he is going to discover about Sylvie in the process and how it will affect them both. This is giving me ‘the invisible husband of Fredrick island’ vibe.

Next I’ll be reading The Magic of Lemon Drop Pie by Rachel Linden. A novel about young pie maker who is granted three magical second chances to live the life she didn’t have that helps her get over regrets and embrace courage and present. I so wish I get those magical wishes, I would wish to read everything faster as I’m getting behind with my reading. anyway wish or no wish I hope to finish this before week ends.

No words of the week this time because if I did it will be all about Raybearer world’s terminologies. 😉

Thank you for reading! Let’s chat..,

How was your week?
What are you planning to read this week?
Have you read any of these or plan to?

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