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Lord Seeks Wife by Heather Barnett @WritesHeather @SerpentineBooks // humorous fiction

Lord Seeks Wife was fun and refreshing humorous fiction, a book you would like pick to get away from reality to crazy village filled with eccentric characters.

humorous fiction

Lord Seeks Wife by Heather Barnett

Publication Date : 2nd August 2021

Publisher : Serpentine Books

Genre : Fiction / Humour

Pages : 232

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Disclaimer – I received e-copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Many thanks to publisher.


Take 1,000 women, add one earl and whip into a media frenzy.

Reclusive academic Lord Noblet de Beeble doesn’t want to get married but his overbearing mother, Lady Caroline, is insisting he must. When he places an advert for a wife in the Situations Vacant section of his local newspaper, the national press pick up the story. A desperate Noblet calls on his handsome younger brother, Henry, to help him navigate the subsequent media frenzy.

Among the hordes of hopeful candidates to descend on the village of Gently Rising is the beautiful and mysterious Mia Wild, who befriends local primary school teacher, Alice Brand. Alice has been looking for something to spice up her life, but getting embroiled in a very public wife-hunt wasn’t what she had in mind.

In a summer packed with suspicious exes, snobbery, social climbers and sausage rolls, Gently Rising will bear witness to a public courtship like no other. But who will come out on top?


Lord Seeks Wife was fun and entertaining fiction that revolved around drama and excitement created by Lord Noblet de Beeble’s advertisement in local paper about seeking wife. The story was about friendship, close-knit community, ambitions, dream, and family.

Writing was entertaining and fun. It was written in multiple third person narrative. Setting of quintessential village, Gently Rising, near London was amazing. Plot was refreshing and uplifting.

It started with Lord Noblet de Beeble tired of his mother’s constant nagging to get married gave advert in newspaper seeking wife under job section. Little he knew his advert would attract flock of greedy and lusty women and even men apply to be Lord’s better half. Luckily, Noblet’s younger brother Henry was going to help him organising interviews with applicants and keeping an eye on media frenzy whole thing attracted.

Alice Brand lived in Gently Rising all her life. Her life was simple and boring but when Lord’s advert attracts people in village and she met beautiful, charming wild Mia Wild, she wanted get of the rut, be carefree and live her dream like Mia but applying to be Lord’s wife wasn’t something she expected.

It was interesting to read what advert and interviews would bring to calm and simple Gently Rising village, what drama it was going to cause, if Lord would finally find his wife or not, and if participating in wife hunt for Lord would help Alice come out of her shell and spice up her life.

Characters were the best part of the book. They were all quirky and eccentric. There was jealous, wild and scheming ex-girlfriend, a money grabber woman marrying men only for money, a crazy lady vandalising with paint who didn’t like any outsider in village, village leader, ex-military colonel, school headmistress who loved to smoke, a security guy…  all of them had their antics that made all scenes dramatic and hilarious. Only character that had little bit of sense and logic were Henry and Alice.

Noblet was near forty, unorganised, seclusive and unkempt 14th Earl of Pantling and heir of Beeble estate. His love for his favourite regency era author was amusing. His reaction from advert to applications he received, interview process to antics he experienced was hilarious. It was clear he didn’t have clue what he was getting into by giving advert and he wouldn’t have gone through it if Henry wasn’t helping him. He might seem silly, imbecile and lazy but he was lovely person who at least had way to see good and bad in people in his own unique way. It amazed me how right he was about Saskia and other characters in the book.

Henry was smart, organised, kind, humble, and romantic person. I couldn’t figure how this amazing person would have ended up with a girlfriend like Saskia. It was interesting to read his relations with his family, how he met Saskia, and how knowing Alice, being part of wife hunt for his brother changed his perspective. The way he realised about his feelings for Saskia and what he discovered about her later was humorous.

Alice was lovely character. I enjoyed reading about her most. She was kind and simple person living simple life as school teacher in Gently Rising where she lived all her life. She felt she was boring person and monotonous life made feel like that even more. As story progressed, we know more about her skills and dreams that she didn’t give second thought until the competition. It was interesting to see her getting out of her shell, being confident and open with her thought by the end and finding an amazing friend and also love.

There were many fun moments and some scenes were really hilarious. The best scenes were interview rounds and local old lady who wasn’t selected for second round locking herself with Noblet in pantry, and climax.

Twist and turns were interesting. Most were predictable. I could see there was something Mia was hiding as hints were there but I couldn’t guess the revelation. End was uplifting and lovely.

Why 4 stars –

There was nothing as such wrong with the book, it might be just me, but it took me time to get into the book.

Overall, Lord Seeks Wife was refreshing, fun, and humorous fiction with eccentric characters.

I recommend this if you enjoy,
eccentric characters
quintessential village
hilarious scenes
Something to take your mind off the reality
uplifting read
close-knit community

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About Author

Heather Barnett has been making things up and writing them down ever since she could hold a pen. She studied English and French at the University of Leeds and has written at every opportunity since, from copywriting to stand-up comedy and sketches. Her influences span Jane Austen and Douglas Adams at one end of the alphabet through to PG Wodehouse at the other. Her debut novel, Acts of Kindness, was kick-started with the help of sessions at the Faber Academy and Arvon Foundation, and then regularly impeded by her two attention-seeking cats. She is head of marketing at an agency in Oxfordshire.
Heather’s debut novel, Acts of Kindness was published in March 2021. Lord Seeks Wife is a hilarious romantic comedy and is her follow-up book.
Please visit Heather’s website ( to read more.Follow Heather on:Twitter @WritesHeatherFacebook & Instagram @WritesHeather

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