#BookReview : Love to Prove You Wrong (Old Pine Cove, #2) by Sophie-Leigh Robbins

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Love to Prove You Wrong (Old Pine Cove, #2) by Sophie-Leigh Robbins
Publication Date: November 4th 2019
Publisher: Got It Covered Press
Genre:Chick Lit / Romance
Pages: 263
Stars: ★★★★★

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Hating the guy who ruined her confidence would be a lot easier if he wasn’t so freaking sexy.

For Addy, small-town life is just perfect. She’s about to expand her inn with ten new rooms and a petting zoo, and she’s helping the mayor’s son organize his wedding. If only her pet duck would stop escaping all the time, her days would be an absolute breeze.

But then Justin Miller shows up at Addy’s check-in desk. The guy went from small-town stud to lead actor in a popular series, and he’s behaving exactly like the celebrity he is. Smug grins, dimples to die for, and hordes of women chasing him all over town.

Addy has no intention of letting him in her life again—not after what happened in high school. So what if he keeps trying to prove he’s changed? No amount of helicopter rides and intimate outings will change the truth:

Justin Miller is nothing but trouble.

Love to Prove You Wrong is a sweet romantic comedy and the second book in the Old Pine Cove series. All books share the same setting, but each story features a different couple.

*** Note: I received e-copy of this book from the author, in exchange for an honest and unbiased review. Many thanks to author. ***

Previous book I read in series:

Love to Prove You Wrong was lovely and cozy romcom, a dazzling love story of Addy. It was hate to love and character falling in love with celebrity arc. It was about second chance, denial of love and misjudgment.

Writing was addictive, entertaining and fast paced. I couldn’t stop reading until I finished the book. Setting was the same as first book and like first book, it was charming. Loved Old Pine Cove in spring and town activities in this season. The more I’m reading about this town and community the more I want to pack my things and move to this beautiful place. You can read this book as standalone but I would say read the first book. I’m sure you won’t regret it.

Book started with Addy stressed under the upcoming wedding of Diane’s grandson at her inn and its organization. Diane’s famous tantrums and demands, escaping duck didn’t help with the stress and to make things worse Justin Miller returns the town and staying as a guest at her inn. The same Justin who made her high school life difficult and now he is famous Hollywood star. Addy knew he is trouble and exactly how he was in high school, a jerk. But when they had to work together for spring event, her feelings thawed eventually. But could she trust Justin and her rapidly changing feelings? Can she put her heart in line for a person who lowered her self-esteem and self-confidence in high school? Can a relationship is possible between a small town simple living girl and famous life of Hollywood star?

In last book I said I wish I could know Addy more and it came true here. Addy was sweetheart, professional and realistic. I could relate with her when it came to holding judgement because of bad experience. But unlike me she got a chance to change that judgement and I’m glad it proved wrong here.

Justin was amazing. At first I thought he was obnoxious rich and super famous Hollywood star. But I thawed pretty quickly than Addy. He was definitely irresistible. But I couldn’t figure out his actions in high school in half of the book and to be honest the reason was pretty lame. Who acts like that! But his confession was heartwarming and when she said why he came back and expressed his feelings, I was ready to swap places with Addy.

I enjoyed reading all characters and I was glad to meet old ones too.It was great to see both Justin and Addy’s feelings develop. They were perfect with each other. Their dates were awesome. Paparazzi, drama, and jealousy added spice in the story. Conversation and dialogues were great.  

I could figure out the end pretty early but not that climax. I loved how thing took turn at climax and the way they found solution to their problem. I loved the end, epilogue and everything in this book.

Overall, it was light, sweet and fun read with lovely characters and town. I highly recommend this book.

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