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Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians #1) by Rick Riordan

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians #1) by Rick Riordan

Published January 7th 2010 (first published June 28th 2005)
Publisher: Puffin 
Read Date: January 6th 2019
Genre: YA / Urban Fantasy / Greek Mythology
Pages: 375
Stars: 4.5/5

“I never asked to be the son of a Greek god.”

Percy Jackson was just a normal kid, going to school, playing basketball, skateboarding, the usual. Until he accidentally vaporized his maths teacher. That’s when things really started going wrong. Now he spends his time fighting with swords, battling monsters, and generally trying to stay alive.

First in the award-winning series by Rick Riordan.

This first book in Percy Jackson and the Olympian series revolved around 12-year-old Percy Jackson, his quest of finding the lightening bolt, and save the world from wrath of gods. It was about friendship, adventure and belonging-ness.

This book has most incredible characters, campers, gods and specially protagonist, Percy.

I always loved tone of Percy, even after rereading the book. Being Dyslexic and having ADHD was not easy for Percy. In the beginning it made him frustrated but these flaws were the best characteristics as a half-blood. I like how author turned the learning disability of an ordinary character into extraordinary battle trait of a hero. He was reckless, smart-mouth, witty boy and I admired his courage. His emotions, anger, frustration, and his reactions in particular situation came out naturally. Taking his revenge from God and sending Medusa’s head to Olympus as gift surely requires guts and Percy had lots of it. He was quite developed for 12 year old and that made this book enjoyable even for an adult. He was addictive character that will grow on you pretty fast.

Annabeth was my second best character in whole Percy Jackson series. She was true daughter of Athena. Clever, wise, fierce, and always had plan. I liked to read her part of story on how she reached to camp half-blood, how her relation was with her father.  

Grover and food goes together. His appetite was humongous. This satyr was fun to read. First he looked timid, late bloomer satyr but friendship with Percy developed him and his courageous in the end. He was definitely best searcher among him kin.

I didn’t remember many things and I mixed the book with movie which had some scenes different than the book. Rereading this book was definitely nostalgic. Rereading Percy Jackson reminded me why I so loved this series and Rick Riordan. Book was first person narrative from Percy’s view point and his witty and sassy nature and unique voice made the book humorous and entertaining.

I loved the plot of the book when I read it first time 3 years back. Even after rereading I found it interesting and adventurous. Percy, an ordinary kid just got to know his dad is one the powerful Greek God and then was accused of stealing lightening bolt of Zeus, the mightiest god of Olympus. To prove his innocence and to stop the petty quarrel of God that may cause WWIII, he was assigned a quest to return the bolt back to Olympus.

His quest turned out most adventurous and was full of twist and turns. Fighting Minotaur, the furies, Echidna and chimera, and in fact a God,,, Medusa’s garden, tunnel of love, enchanting hotel and body stretching waterbed shop, darkness of underworld, and spellbinding Olympus on the top of the Empire State Building! It was amazing, adventurous ride packed with humor.

World created was unique. The camp half-blood at Long Island was most eye catching place. Its description was so lifelike that I felt like roaming through its cabins, arena, mess hall and headquarter. Greek mythology was heart of the book. What I loved most was description of Gods as per the western civilization. It was amusing to know them from Percy’s perspective. It was like learning Greek mythology in fun way.

Amazing lightening pace– I admit, first few chapters were little slow, can be clueless for first time readers as lot of things were happening all of sudden in Percy’s life. But as soon as Percy arrives at half-blood camp, book picked up the speed at top gear. I finished this book in two days. If I don’t have to feed my girl and change her nappies I would have finished it in one sitting.

ShipsFriendship between Percy, Grover and Annabeth was heartwarming. Annabeth and Percy didn’t go along at first because of their parent’s famous dispute but as they went further with quest their friendship grew warmer. This trio was one of the best in YA fantasy books and I could see why it was compared to Harry Porter’s ship. Their know each other scenes were written with realistic touch.

Rick Riordan is God of twist and turns and cliffhanger – Every chapter ended with creative twist and a suspense that keep you turning pages. There was so many surprising elements in the book. Climax was brilliant and last chapter was just mind-blowing.

Just minor issue because I felt it when I read the book first time and on rereading as well. Too much was happening in first few chapters (till Percy reached Camp half-blood and was determined) that made me go slow in book.

Overall I enjoyed book once again. It was entertaining, exciting, adventurous, action packed book full of mythology. Those who enjoys MG, YA books will definitely love to read this.

Author: Rick Riordan 

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