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The Shadow's Servant (Shadow Magic #2) by Justin Swapp

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The Shadow’s Servant by Justin Swapp (Book 2)
Series: Shadow Magic
Publication Date: September 7th 2018
Read Date: October 13th 2018
Genre: Young Adult / Middle Grade / Magic / Fantasy
Pages: 578
Stars: 4.5/5
4.5 Stars

If knowledge is power, then what’s a secret? 

A year after thwarting the Kabbahl’s attempt to restore shadow magic, the impetuous Marcus Fith, denied the opportunity to help his family search for his sister Ellie, decides to take matters into his own hands. When the only meaningful clue his family has seen mysteriously shows up—a letter addressed to him… written in his own blood—Marcus escapes in order to work out the set of expiring instructions that promise to lead him to Ellie 

Promises are slippery things, however, especially when secrets are involved. 

What follows is an adventurous tale filled with shady characters, betrayal, magical monsters, and an epic battle that is just beginning. 

If only Marcus and Ellie knew what they’ve started… 

Book 1 : The Magic Shop (The Shadow Magic Series #1) by Justin Swapp

This was second in Shadow Magic series that revolved around Marcus Fith, his quest of finding his twin sister Ellie and saving her from the danger. It was about dark magic, conflicted family relationship, sibling love, and good vs evil. It included loads of action packed adventure with magical mysterious twists.
Initially, I couldn’t recall much what happened in first book but author didn’t let me stray from the current plot and I could go along easily and could grasp what was going on with the current situation of characters. As I read more I could figure out what was in first book and how it followed in this one. I highly suggest read this book in sequence and without keeping much gap between sequels to enjoy it thoroughly.
Marcus was impulsive and curious character who loved his sister and family. He was the only conscience character among the deceiving secretive adults he encountered in this book. I loved the way he tried to connect with his parents after what happened in the first book and even though deep down he knew that he shouldn’t trust them. He had confusing mind but nice heart. Author gave his action realistic approach that made him interesting to read.
There were many characters in the book with some old and some new interesting characters but it mainly focused on Marcus. It is hard to talk about other secondary characters without giving away much. All characters were highly unpredictable. Till the end of the book I couldn’t figure out who to trust. They all were deceiving except Marcus which made book hard to put down.
what i liked.png
First thing, I liked this sequel more than first book. Better writing, more engaging plot, humorous and action packed. Book was third person narrative from Marcus’s viewpoint that showed his emotions remarkably. His love for his sister and the danger he was willing to drown in for her was awe-inspiring. The family dynamic was getting more complex. Back stabbing, misleading, secretive, treacherous nature was so common that I pitied kids in the book.
Book started with situation in Fith family after 1 year of their last encounter with Old Ones, shadow magic, Ellie’s disappearance- Marcus’s lonely feeling and frustration of being trapped in house and helpless in finding Ellie, a cousin he never met before coming to live with them. It gave the gloomy feeling that I couldn’t shake off. Then all of sudden it took interesting turn– Ellie’s guardian, Ellamir whom Marcus didn’t know about came to him for help in saving his sister which drags him into exciting travel on ship having talking monkey as companion, dangerous encounter with shadow’s servant on secretive island, to the mysterious magical forest and deadly escape from the ancient shadow master. I got more and more engrossed with each adventure. There was constant air of uncertainty, anxiety, thrill and excitement that never left till the end of the book.
The world of Shadow magic was explained more precisely in first book. In this book, author expertly unraveled more secrets and some more information without any repetitive information from the first book focusing on how characters were deeply tangled into its complex structure of the world.
All twist and turns were brilliant. Climax was cleverly written with vivid description of war between good vs evil. End was much more satisfactory in than first one. I simply enjoyed this book. I would love to see what happens in the next book of the series. This is getting more interesting.
why not 5 stars.png
Characters are still under development. Looking at the plot it was not major point. Another thing is, I would like to know why Marcus’s grandparents are so secretive after all that happened? I would like to see Ellie and her magic more in next book, I’m saving that half star for that.
Overall, it was absorbing, unputdownable, cleverly written, adventurous dark magical world of shadow with complex family dynamic and lots of twist and turns. I highly recommend this book to all fantasy lover but make sure you are reading this in sequence.

AuthorJustin Swapp
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*** Note: Many thanks to author for providing e-copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review. ***

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