Monthly Wrap-Up: January 2018

Jan 2018 wrapup

Hello Book Lovers! I hope you all had a great first month of the year. Without much chit-chat I would like to wrap up January month in express speed so that I could start focusing on February. This month was good and finished all the books  that I thought would read in January. Just 1 book behind. But I will finish it in Feb so no big deal. At least better than 2 or 3 books behind.

What I read this month-

Last Chai

Review: The Last Chai: Bringing the Nation to a Halt by Varun T.

Stars: 5/5

It was creative Indian political thriller. It was kind of sequel but definitely can be read as standalone. I can’t wait to read the sequel of this book.

my sweet friend

Review: My Sweet Friend by H.A. Leuschel

Stars: 4.5/5

I just loved this Psychological Fiction about compulsive liar and manipulator. Original plot, unique and creative characters.

Kartikeya Jpeg

Review: Kartikeya: The Destroyer’s Son by Anuja Chandramouli

Stars: 5/5

This was my third Indian Mythological Fiction by Anuja Chandramouli. It was well thought and well researched life story of God Kartikeya.


watch me-800x600

Review: Watch Me by Jody Gehrman

Stars: 4/5

Very engaging dark Psychological thriller. It was so creepy and scary.

TheSecondCup Cover

Review: The Second Cup by Sarah Marie Graye #BlogTour @SarahMarieGraye @rararesources

Stars: 4/5

The Second Cup was different unique Women and Literary Fiction. I liked the main theme of the book, depression, death and suffering. Very creatively written characters and their development.

Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000030_00043]

Review: Louder Than a Whisper: Clearer Than a Bell by Renée Paule

Stars: 5/5

Louder Than a Whisper was wisely written inspirational, motivational, philosophical Self-Help book by an amazing writer and a person, Renee Paule. I can’t recommend this book enough. There’s something for everyone.

Padmavati jpeg

Review: Rani Padmavati: The Burning Queen by Anuja Chandramouli

Stars: 5/5

Gorgeously written epic Historical tale of queen Padmavati, with amazing characters’s thoughts and descriptions.

Joshua NGon Last Prince of Alkebulahn by Anthony Hewitt

Review: Joshua N’Gon:Last Prince of Alkebulahn by Anthony Hewitt @NeverlandBT #Blogtour #Giveaway

Stars: 3.75(that sums 4)/5

Hard Science-fiction novel with high-tech gadgets and talks. Liked overall concept and diverse characters but felt something missing in the book.

I also finished reading


I will post review on this book tomorrow.

Short Stories I read∼

Saturday Short-Story Review: Detective Nosegoode and the Kidnappers (Detective Nosegoode #2) by Marian Orloń

Saturday Short-Story Review: Detective Nosegoode and the Music Box Mystery (Detective Nosegoode #1) by Marian Orloń

Saturday Short-Story Review: Harvey’s Hideout by Russell Hoban, Lillian Hoban (Illustrator)

Saturday Short-Story Review: Complicated Us: This is just the beginning….. by Ashlyn, Raju Jana, Khushboo Rani Mahato

Other Bookish posts∼

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#BookBlitz #Giveaway: The Shadow Girl by Misty Mount @shanannigans81 @MistyAMount

#BookBlitz #Giveaway: Shadow of the Moon by Kwen D. Griffeth @XpressoTours


Screenshot_20180122-214150~2.pngAnd I got 500 followers on 22nd of this month. Yayyy! That was really unexpected. I never thought focusing just on reviews will make my blog good enough to get these many followers. I so love blogging community and I’m eternally grateful to all of you for all the support and love.

 Image result for thank you heart

And This is how may calendar looks ∼


Let me know how was your month in reading in comment-box below.

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