Looking for Like
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Looking for Like by Ravina Hilliard – Romance with mystery and action

Looking for Like is enjoyable, fast paced, and promising Romance with mystery and action, hate to love trope and lots of drama.

Romance with mystery and action

Looking for Like by Ravina Hilliard

Publication Date : 19 February 2022

Publisher : Dawn Hill Publications

Genre : Romance

Pages : 242

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Spice Factor : ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥/5

Disclaimer – I received e-copy of this book in exchange for honest review.


She’s one tough cop. And he’s got a license to thrill…

NYPD Detective of the Major Case Squad Sabrina Holt is tough as nails, smart as a whip, and beautiful to boot. She’s not looking for love. And she’s definitely not looking to babysit a spoiled, pretty-boy movie star.

Patrick Townsend is everything Sabrina despises. He’s wealthy, charming, and as far as she’s concerned, phony as a three-dollar-bill. But when her police commissioner uncle demands she takes Patrick on as a ride-along so he can prepare for a new role, she’s stuck with a bona fide Hollywood heartthrob in her passenger seat. And he’s hit with more sass than any one man can be asked to handle.

When her real partner gets roughed up by a suspect, Patrick steps in and gives the performance of a lifetime – a real-life one, saving Sabrina’s life in the process. Just as she begins to suspect there may be more to this handsome celebrity than meets the eye, they’re both dragged into web of mystery and lies.

As the danger grows, so does their attraction. But is desire blinding them to the truth? Can she really love a man whose life is so different from hers?

And more importantly, will they both live long enough to find out?


fast paced, and promising Romance with mystery and action,

Looking for Like is fun and interesting detective romance that revolves around NYPD detective, Sabrina Holt falling for Hollywood star ride-along, Patrick Townsend, forced on her as punishment. The story is about family, police procedure, manipulation, trust, betrayal, and love.

Writing is simple, entertaining, and fast paced with third person narrative from Sabrina and Patrick’s POV. The plot is filled with action, banter and hot romance. It was interesting to read where things are going between Patrick and Sabrina, what Patrick is hiding and what other reason he had to join NYPD as ride-along, if Sabrina will give into her feelings, and what difficulties their relationship will face.

I have mixed feelings for this. It’s hard to seperate the good and bad so I won’t be adding ‘why x stars’ like usual in this review.

The beginning is promising. I enjoyed the character introductions and storyline but after some point, I found characters annoying and overly dramatic. I also didn’t like side characters or Sabrina’s family that much. They all behaved weirdly.

Sabrina is strong-headed, tough, kick-ass, heroine who reached to her current position with more struggle than her colleague as she faced difficulties when seniors or subordinates realized her uncle, a police commissioner wouldn’t play favoritism. I liked her personality but over the time her dislike for Patrick, name calling lost it’s charm. I could understand her reasons and I would be more furious in her situation after knowing how much she is manipulated but I found her refusal to try relationship has all the wrong reasons which is annoying.

Patrick is surprisingly more likable. He is fun, smart, and loyal. His patience really amazed me. I couldn’t imagine he could keep his head cool under the pressure of his secret and Sabrina’s constant name-calling and judgment. While his persistence and not giving up on Sabrina is admirable, I didn’t exactly like how much he manipulated her or situation. It’s like him not having any self-respect or not getting a ‘No’.

Romance is hate to love with celebrity falling for normal person arc. Like I said in book they sure sounded like duo of Lucifer show – a multi-millionair with NYPD detective but that’s where the similarity ends. I felt romance is a little too fast. While there are hot scenes I still wasn’t satisfied the way they are described or the chemistry or banter or conversations between characters. I wish there has been more realistic obstacles in their relationship than just Sabrina’s doubts and jealousy.

Subplot of art theft is okay but the mystery of Patrick’s secret and his connection with the case is good. I could guess there must be someone he cared involved but not exactly who. Another good part if popcluture references.

Climax and Sabrina’s reaction to it is predictable. Surprisingly a lot happened after climax, I was even surprised with all sort of set ups and manipulation. Honestly, both characters reacted very differently than I thought and I didn’t like it. It just made the story dragging. End and epilogue is just as I expected.

Overall, Looking for Like is interesting and promising romace with all noce tropes, actions and romance but it turned out okay for me.

I recommend this if you like,
Hate to Love trope
Celebrity falling for normal person
Good pop cultural references
Hot and sexy scenes
strong-headed tough heroine
Hollywood stars with many talents
Romance with mystery and action
Police procedural subplot

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