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Shadowed By Despair (Laith #3) by Candace Robinson
Publication Date : May 19th 2020
Publisher : The Parliament House 
Genre : Dark Fantasy
Pages : 240
Stars : ★★★★★

Perin expected eternal darkness after his death, yet the land of Laith has other plans for him. Snapped awake with a desperate hunger for flesh, he fights the urge to feed, knowing that once he gives in to temptation, there is no turning back.

Tavarra’s deepest desire was always to be human. When she received her one true wish, the journey had already claimed those she cared about. Alone, she fights through each day, forgetting how to truly live.

To strip away his new curse, Perin needs to retrieve an enchanted liquid and bring it back to the Stone of Desire. Despite his unpredictability, and him being the monster this time, Tavarra chooses to help. Tied by fate and loneliness, they must cross the sea into a deadly part of Laith and find the solution before Perin’s hunger overtakes him.

*** Note : I received e-ARC of this book from the author, in exchange for an honest review. Many thanks to author. ***

Previous books I read in this series-

Shadowed By Despair was amazing dark fantasy, final book in Laith trilogy. It revolved around adventurous journey of Perin and Tavarra to break curse but this time not Tavarra’s but Perin’s curse. It was about not judging whole species based on bad experience, two sides of the world that has both evil and good in it, love, new friendship, and for a change let others help and care for you.

Writing was great- like previous books of this series- addictive, compelling, and vivid. Setting of Laith was fantastic. This time more of the land was explored and new creatures, dangers and stories were told. It was written in third person narrative from Tavarra and Perin’s POV, alternatively.

Shadowed by Despair started weeks after the second book ended and Perin coming back to life in grave. His love for his sister and Tavarra gave him strength to dig out of grave and started looking for them and first place he looked was at stone of desire. He suspected something was wrong with him but when stone answered him his suspicion was confirmed, he was cursed to crave for blood and meat not just any but human’ or humanlike creatures. To break the curse he needed to travel to the land from where nobody returned to tell the tale. On his way to this adventure he met Tavarra.

Tavarra was curse-free but what she did as a beast wasn’t forgotten and lead to new kind of danger. Luckily she formed unlikely friendship with Jovkin and together they went to the sea where they met Perin. When she discovered what happened to him she joined him on his adventure like he helped her in previous book.

I was curious to find out what they will discover on this new land, what danger lurks there, how they will find what stone has asked or if they will return before it’s too late.

This was amazing book part romance and full of dangerous adventure. I loved how author converted zombie concept into this twisted tale. World was best part of the book. I enjoyed seeing new side of Laith that was filled with Mer people, ugly goblins, weird trees and birds, cobwebbed forest and mud creatures. They all made me crinkle my nose in disgust and pop out my eyes more than once. What I loved most was goddess Zada’s story, mystery of Kova Island, and Vaden’s story and his secret.

My most favorite character was, of course, Tavarra. She was as strong as she was as beast but little less. Her stubbornness, fierceness, and intimidating look didn’t go away with her curse. I loved her for understanding supporting Perin’s situation and helping him to bear it, convincing him to let her care for him, sticking with him till the end.

Now there was competition for my second favorite character because both Vaden and Perin were amazing. While Perin kept things serious and gloomy, Vaden made me smile and melt my heart.

Perin was still haunted by his father’s cruelty. Even if he died he couldn’t shake off his poisonous memories and words. I was still annoyed at him for keeping all this secret from Rhona in second book but when I dived into his memories, I could see why he feared his father and couldn’t say anything to Rhona. His love for Rhona was amazing. I could see why it was hard for him to let other choose and take care of him, not making decisions for them. When Tavarra met him again slowly it changed. She helped him develop come out of his misery and nightmare.

I loved Perin and Tavrra’s relationship. They were perfect for each other. They understood each other’s feelings best and knew what they needed to do to help and grow throughout the book.

When author emailed me with the book I was praying to “Authors’ God” (if they exist!) to send my message to author, let nobody die in this book please. If you see track record somebody died in all previous book. I wouldn’t say if my prayer was answered or not but author sure kept me on the edge, biting my nails, repeating mantra of my prayer throughout the book.

Climax was filled with anxious feeling. When I thought phew no more danger now, out of nowhere came new kind of danger. I was holding my breath when end was near and there came another shock. I admit I couldn’t have guessed it. End was wonderful and I loved that last chapter.

Overall, Shadowed by Despair was gripping, adventurous, page-turner, and twisted fantasy with amazing world and characters. I recommend it to all dark fantasy lovers, but note it should be read it order.

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What do you think about the book? Have you read it already or any book by the same author? Which is your favorite Zombie story or movie?

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