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Hello readers! Theresa Braun has a new short story coming out called, The Celestial Assignment. Here’s a sneak peek at the cover, and an excerpt from the book!

The Celestial Assignment by Theresa Braun
Expected Publication Date: February 14th, 2020
Genre: Short Story/ Urban Fantasy/ Paranormal


After a sudden death, Will, a misguided angel, is tasked with protecting a baby girl. Watching over her as she grows up and navigates the world appears a harsh punishment for his past failings. Can he redeem himself, or will he fall further from grace?

โ€œI devoured this phenomenal sorrow-filled piece in one sitting, but Braun left me with so many questions I had to think about. She creates a world thatโ€™s vivid, lush and visceral, while setting the reader up for heartbreak and despair. Amazing read, canโ€™t recommend โ€˜The Celestial Assignmentโ€™ enough.โ€ โ€“Steve Stred, author of Ritual



You know that meme of the angel statue, its face in its hands, with the caption: โ€œThis is probably what my guardian angel looks likeโ€? Well, thatโ€™s the only thing on the wall in this stark room meant for some 12-step spiritual garbage.

            I was mystified as fuck the first time I sat here. The last thing Iโ€™d remembered was having a beer with one of my side pieces before witnessing her chuck my body into an unmarked grave. The bitch walked right through me as I grilled her about what sheโ€™d done.

            Next thing I know, I transported into this very chair. Looking around the circle, I noted everyoneโ€™s arms tattooed with wings in shades matching their clothing.

            โ€œWhat am I doing here?โ€ I asked, studying the new gray markings growing iridescent on my skin.

            โ€œYouโ€™re getting a new assignment,โ€ said someone with platinum hair. His wings were the real deal, tucked at his back, and he wore a white T-shirt and white jeans.

            โ€œAs opposed to what?โ€

            โ€œGoing back to earth. That hasnโ€™t been working.โ€ He stared at me with his unnaturally light blue eyes. โ€œDonโ€™t worry, thereโ€™s a manual under your seat.โ€

            Thatโ€™s when I zoned out. The rest of them yammered on as I frantically retraced my memory for clues to why I was here. What kind of demented lunatic would make me an angel, if thatโ€™s what I was? I hadnโ€™t even stepped one foot in a church, at least in my most recent life. Thatโ€™s when it hit me Iโ€™d had more than one incarnation on earth. The mere vocabulary of it made me shiver.


            With a jolt, my feet landed on slick linoleum, the burning odor of disinfectant and stale medicine in the air. A woman screamed in a hospital bed, her legs pried open with a sheet over them. Ugh. Iโ€™d never liked babies and had zero fatherly instincts. As the infant cried and was handed to the mother, the dad busy snapping Polaroids, I heard a whisper: โ€œSheโ€™s your responsibility now.โ€

            As my questions flooded in, that damned manual appeared in my hand. Annoyed the heavenly head honchos hadnโ€™t downloaded the content into my brain, I held onto it, lest I be struck by lightning.

            โ€œHello, Celeste,โ€ the mother cooed to the baby.

            I tapped my foot.

            The irony of the name irked the shit out of me.

            As a reluctant guardian angel, I figured my job involved keeping this pipsqueakโ€™s hand off the hot stove, and her mouth away from poisons in the cabinets. Most of the time, I yawned in the periphery, especially since I was trapped in this fucking hick town somewhere in the middle of Wisconsin. Countless Crayon doodles and finger paintings were the extent of my excitement. Eventually, I rejoiced when of a few close calls at the wheel of her parentsโ€™ car gave me something to do. But then there was her painfully awkward discovery of boys. Once she inadvertently brushed this dudeโ€™s junk at a dance. Her first kiss was lame as shit. It was like being tuned into the Nickelodeon Channel. Her interactions with a new boy made me gagโ€”theyโ€™d finish each otherโ€™s sentences and giggle like idiots. What did I do to deserve this?

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About the Author:

Hmmm. Whatโ€™s this? Looks like Ms. Braun left her computer on and her Goodreads bio open.

This should be fun.

What can we say about Theresa? I mean other than the fact that sheโ€™s weirdly obsessed with smiley faces :-). Like, seriously obsessed >:-*. Itโ€™s kinda scary :-O.

I think she thinks sheโ€™s from Renaissance England or Venice or something. I never could figure out which one it was. (Sheโ€™s really bad at doing accents.)

She likes romance novels and crime TV, which are pretty much the same thing when you think about it. Ha! Am I right?

She has a hell of a singing voice. Seriously. Itโ€™s, like, seventh circle of hell bad.

She likes editing. A lot. Just wait till she gets a load a this.

Cats. Shoes. Chips and salsa. In that order.

Yeah, that last part didnโ€™t make sense to me either.

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