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The Other Prince (Royal Connections, #1) by Alice Dolman (Book Blitz)

Hello Readers! I’m happy to be part of the book blitz tour for The Other Prince the first in Royal Connections Contemporary Romance series by Alice Dolman. Please check out the book details and excerpt in this post. Don’t forget to enter Giveaway.

The Other Prince book

The Other Prince by Alice Dolman (Royal Connections, #1)
Publication date: April 19th 2021
Genres: Adult, Comedy, Contemporary, Romance


After moving to London, Amelia Glendale landed her dream job as a lawyer at the Queen’s Charitable Foundation. But when the queen dies, Amelia finds herself working for her longtime royal crush, Prince Leo – and his stuffy older brother Prince Edmund. 

Charismatic Prince Leo was once known for his hard-partying ways, but has settled down and thrown himself into a life of philanthropy. He’s Amelia’s perfect man and she’s sure they’d get along if she wasn’t too star-struck to speak to him. 

Prince Edmund has always been the sensible brother and dutiful heir, until a scandal of epic proportions leaves his reputation in tatters. With his comfortable existence disrupted, he sees a chance to build a life and relationship where he is more than just his position. 

Thrown into the princes’ orbit, Amelia discover that maybe the perfect man for her isn’t the prince she expected. Will Amelia get her fairytale ending, or will the pressures of life in the spotlight be too much to bear? 

This feel-good romantic comedy about love, friendship and tiaras is perfect for fans of American Royals and The Royal We.

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The camera cuts to a hotel in central London, with Cyril and Elizabeth’s heads superimposed in at the top of the screen. 

“Here we are at the Dorchester Hotel, where Lady Sibella spent her last night as a single woman.”

“Yes, Cyril. As we speak, Lady Sibella and her parents the Duke and Duchess of Chester will be entering their car in the private courtyard at the rear of the hotel. We should be able to catch a glimpse of them any moment now. Ah! Yes, there we are!” Elizabeth says as a dark Rolls Royce appears in view. 

“Can we see anything?” Penny asks as we all strain to see through the windows of the car as it drives down the street. 

“I think I see full-length sleeves,” Steph says. “And a boat neck?”

“The sleeves are lace,” Penny says, peering at the screen. 

From the BBC commentary box, Elizabeth jumps in. “Cyril, I can confirm that we’ve just had word from Lady Sibella’s team that Jenny Packham, a favourite of the royal family, designed her gown. I can’t wait to get an unobstructed view when she arrives at the Abbey in just a few moments now.”

True to Elizabeth’s word, a few minutes later, the Rolls arrives at Westminster and pulls to a stop at the front steps. An aide appears and opens the door to the car, standing by waiting for Sibella to step out. 

“What’s going on? Get on with it, love!” the man of the week calls out two minutes later when the palace aide is still dutifully standing and holding the car door open with all occupants still inside. 

“I don’t know, she might have to fix her make-up,” I say. But as I do, a hand appears from within the car and pulls the door shut. The Rolls Royce moves, and we all glance at each other in confusion. 

“Is she… is she leaving?”

“Oh my god! I think she’s leaving!” shrieks Steph. 

The car speeds up, and just like that, it’s out of view. The TV footage then cuts back to the camera in the abbey where Edmund and Leo are standing in the nave, Edmund looking jittery as he keeps glancing down the aisle. Leo nudges Edmund and makes a comment that’s not caught by the microphones before giving Edmund a goofy grin. Edmund smiles tightly back at Leo and seems to relax a fraction.

“They don’t know,” I blurt out. “They don’t know that she’s left. Is Prince Edmund being left at the altar on live TV? Is that what we’re watching here?”

Before anyone can answer, an aide appears on screen, running from the side of the church towards Edmund. 

“What’s he doing? Is he going to tell Edmund that she’s gone in front of everyone?” Penny squeals. 

But when he reaches Edmund, red-faced and shaking, he says nothing. Instead, he just holds out a phone. Looking confused, Edmund takes the phone. We all watch in silence as Edmund stands at the end of the aisle, in front of two thousand guests and millions of people at home. In an instant, his face crumples. He shakes his head twice, as if in disbelief, and then turns, throws the phone on the ground and storms down the aisle. 

The footage cuts back to the BBC commentary team. “Elizabeth, it’s not entirely clear what’s happening right now. There’s no official word from the palace as yet, but it appears that Lady Sibella Cavendish has turned runaway bride.”

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Hi! I’m Alice. I’m so glad you’re here.

I write funny stories about people falling in love. Mainly princes and princesses because I’m a bit of a royal family tragic. Also because writing about royalty is the closest I’ll ever come to wearing a tiara that isn’t made of plastic.

I live in Australia with my husband and three small humans. In my seventeen seconds of free time each day I love reading romantic comedies, watching cheesy Netflix movies and baking cakes which I absolutely do not eat most of myself.

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