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Welcome to the blog tour for Double Barrel Horror Volume #3, a collection of thrills and chills by six amazing authors! Hold onto your pants folks!

Double Barrel (Volume 3)
Publication Date: March 22nd, 202
Genre: Anthology/ Horror/ Suspense


Brace yourself for another two-barrel blast of unrelenting horror and suspense. Volume 3 of the ‘Double Barrel Horror’ anthology series delivers two chilling tales from each of six talented authors for a 12-story onslaught that will blow you out of your sneakers. This time around, your fate lies in the hands of Christine Morgan, Mark Matthews, Theresa Braun, Calvin Demmer, Glenn Rolfe, and Robert Essig.


Matthew Weber | Christine Morgan | Mark Matthews | Theresa Braun | Calvin Demmer | Glenn Rolfe | Robert Essig



by Theresa Braun

Sylvia’s hands shook. Even her eyeballs vibrated.

The rush to save a mother and newborn in the delivery room had fried her nerves—and it was only her second week on the job.

The fact that she worked in the health industry didn’t stop her from purchasing a pack of cigarettes in the gift shop. She’d picked up the nasty habit when she’d moonlighted as a P.I.’s lackey, one of the jobs that put her through college. 

After tapping the box on her palm on the way past a display of stuffed animals and flowers, Sylvia exited the building. On the sidewalk under the awning, an elderly man in a wheelchair wheezed. A pregnant woman stroking her belly rested on a bench. Her male companion wrapped his arm around her.

The muggy and stagnant air was so unlike the dry, stinging heat in Sedona, where Sylvia had traveled a few weeks ago. That’d been a last hurrah before embarking on her career.

Sylvia fumbled in her purse for a lighter.

The lobby door swung open. A security guard grappled with a squirming woman whose feet skidded along the sidewalk. A designer handbag dangled from her arm, her brown curls falling into her eyes. “I want to know what happened to my babies!” she screamed.

The guard clutched the patient’s upper arms, forcing her to stand in place. “You need to calm down, ma’am.”

“I will not calm down!” She wriggled free.

“Hey, I don’t want to call the police.” He widened his stance and put his hands on his hips.

“Fine.” The woman backed away, her arms flailing. “I’m getting a fucking lawyer.”

He waited for her to turn around and walk away before storming back into the facility.

The patient stomped over to Sylvia. “I remember you.”

Her headache throbbing, Sylvia took a drag. “Excuse me?”

“That weird design with the black stone—I remember it.”

Sylvia flicked the ash, cursing the scrubs and her striking jewelry that might as well have been a huge bull’s-eye. The image surfaced in her memory of a wiry, white-haired woman with brownish teeth who’d convinced her she needed the pendant for protection. She’d claimed the stone came from outer space. No jeweler had been able to identify it, so that may have been true. When Sylvia had handled the piece, a prickle of energy latched onto her, like a stray animal jumping into her arms, begging to go home. You see? the woman had said. Well, the charm wasn’t keeping the lunatics at bay today.

Sylvia pushed the butt of her cigarette into a nearby ashtray’s sand. “I’m sorry. I need to get back to work.”

The woman rubbed her nose with the Kleenex. “Which one of you are they firing for throwing away my babies?”

“What?” Sylvia’s throat tightened.

“They said one of the nurses would pay.”

“Ma’am, I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“You have to help me.”

“I can’t do that.” Sylvia loosened her ponytail to relieve her headache.

Grabbing Sylvia by the hands, the mother peered into her eyes. “My babies kicked all throughout the last trimester. I know they were alive.”


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