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#BlogTour #Excerpt : You’ve Got My Number by Angela Barton @angebarton @rararesources

Hello Readers! I’m happy to share excerpt from You’ve Got My Number by Angela Barton, as part of blog tour organized by Rachel’s Random Resources. Check out more about this women’s fiction in this post.

You’ve Got My Number by Angela Barton
Publication Date: 18th February 2020
Publisher: Choc Lit
Genre: Contemporary women’s fiction


Three isn’t always a magic number … 
There are three reasons Tess Fenton should be happy. One, her job at the Blue Olive deli may be dull, but at least she gets to work with her best friend. Two, she lives in a cosy cottage in the pretty village of Halston. Three, she’s in love with her boyfriend, Blake. 

Isn’t she? 

Because, despite their history, Blake continues to be the puzzle piece in Tess’s life that doesn’t quite fit. And when she meets intriguing local artist Daniel Cavanagh, it soon becomes apparent that, for Tess, love isn’t as easy as one, two, three … 


Introduction:Daniel is an artist working from The Rookery, a grand house in a smallvillage that he inherited from his parents. His father had been a renowned architectbefore his death, alongsidethat ofhis wife, in a car accident. Daniel is troubledbydemons of culpability, guilt and grief, from which develops an obsessive compulsion.

Following his parents’ death, Daniel’s guilt had become more potent when mixed with grief. He refused to see anyone except his twin sister for weeks. Denise lived on the outskirts of London with her husband Simon and one young son at the time, a nephew Daniel had never seen due to his travelling. During his sister’s frequent visits, they’d spent hours sifting through old photographs, smiling as they remembered happier times and wiping away tears at the cruel reality of the present. She’d helped him organise personal papers and choose sentimental keepsakes. Their father’s study had been full of drawings and plans of buildings that would now never be built. Creations aborted and rolled up into cardboard tubes before being given the chance of existence in some burgeoning metropolis in the world.

They’d walked for miles across the surrounding fields, each sharing their guilt and sadness as freely as they’d shared their mother’s womb thirty-two years earlier. As family ties beckoned, Denise’s visits had grown less frequent. To help fill the seemingly endless evenings, Daniel painted and drank his father’s collection of whiskey and port. If he wasn’t daubing a canvas with dark, melancholic pigments, he was staring at the television in an alcoholic stupor. It was usually during these long evenings when Daniel thought about his parents and his estranged best friend, Sean, most vividly. He tormented himself with unresolved guilt while watching the pulsing orange embers in the hearth collapse into grey ash. He blamed his absence for his parents’ death and his wrong decision for Sean’s accident.

It was on one particularly tormented evening, several months following his parents’ accident, when the number three took on a greater significance in Daniel’s life. As he sat alone listening to the grandfather clock’s unremitting ticking, he became fixated on that particular number. Two accidents. Didn’t bad things happen in threes?

As he’d stood up to go to bed, he’d stopped at the library door. His eyes had lingered on the light switch as he pondered a theory. Perhaps if he switched it three times, it would prevent the third disaster from happening.




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Author Bio: 

Angela Barton lives in Nottingham and is a member of Nottingham Writers’ Studio and the Romantic Novelists’ Association. She has written three novels, all of which have passed through the RNA’s New Writers’ Scheme and are now published.

Her first novel was published in 2018. Its genre is historical fiction set in France, telling the story of how a farming family survive through WW2. Angela’s second and third books are contemporary women’s fiction.

Now busy writing her fourth book, also set in France during wartime, Angela’s new passion is to research real life happenings and create fictional characters that live through these extraordinary events.

Along with other authors, Angela has helped to create two Facebook groups for book lovers. Apricot Plots and Love Forties Fiction.

Social Media LinksFacebook author page | Twitter | Website | Instagram- angelacbarton

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